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Due to my profound interest in human rights and international relations, my ambition for the future is to work with human beings who have had their rights violated and who is not being respected in the way that every human should be. Because of this great interest, I am aiming towards international embossed work where I get the opportunity to develop my understanding for other cultures, languages and environments. Therefore, I will do my utmost to gather all the experiences that I believe can lead me to a greater understanding for other human and their situations in life.



I am a very goal-oriented, creative and engaged person who is not afraid to challenge myself. Furthermore, I am a great speaker and I can make others listen and pay attention, which often leads to a natural role as a leader. At the same time, I am an easy-going person and I adapt well to different situations. Because of this, I collaborate well with different types of people and in different social environments.

Name: Johanna Rebecka Sjöholm

DOB: 1994-01-16

Nationality: Sweden

Phone: +46 763 277 836


Address: Strand Campus, London



Below, I have listed some of the skills that I have gained and developed through my experiences. For more information about the specific tasks I have had within my employments, please see my LinkedIn profile or send me an email.


Through my work as an operator at the Swedish Police Authority I have developed my understanding for people in exposed situations. I have learned to respond to these people in a calming and educational way and also my understanding of the Swedish law enforcement and criminal law. In addition, I have got the chance to apply my legal skills in real life.




Through my voluntary commitments, I have continued to develop my skills in dealing with different types of people. Through my field studies in Uganda about cancer awareness amongst Ugandan youths and during my volunteer work for the Red Cross Youth Associations help chat, I have faced difficult conversations in which a diplomatic accommodating has been crucial. As the Head of Events and the President of the Law Student Association in Gothenburg, the knowledge of how to meet different individuals’ needs has increased even more. These commitments have given me a lot of experiences of collaborating with others, both by planning and implement events for hundreds of people but also by running an organization for several hundreds of lawyer students.


During my years as a football coach for kids and as a sales-person alongside my studies, I have received great knowledge in form of problem solving and creativity. The fulfilment of doing the tasks within the framework of these places of work has led to an understanding in how to deal with different peoples’ wills, which has made me very service-minded. Furthermore, I have received several skills when it comes to planning, dealing with money and sells.




Since I was very young, I have worked part-time while studying in order to gain as much experiences as possible for the future. Here are some of these employments:




Operator & Call Taker


Working as an Operator at the Swedish Police Authority, I write reports, tips and other information that the Swedish Police Authority receives through their emergency numbers 112 (Regional Central) and 114 14 (National Contact Center).


Below, my most recent university studies are listed. For further information about my education, download my CV at the top of this page.




BA International Relations, War Department KCL


I currently study a BA at KCL in International Relations, which I will have finished by June 2019. In addition, I study French at KCL.


Student Ambassador


Through the student ambassador post at the Univeristy of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg I introduced the school to potential students by representing the school at different exhibitions, showing the school through tours and informed visitors about the school. I also helped develop the school by answering bigger evaluations, reported what people thought about the school after introducing it etc.




Working at Liseberg, I attracted visitors into the Haunted House "Gasten" and played my part as a ghost with a full costume and makeup while I scared the visitors inside the hotel. The work required creativity, energy and physics and was at the same time very social.


BA Law


Before Kings, I studied three years of the LL.M at University of Gothenburg equate to a BA in Law. I aim to finish the last part of this course after my studies at Kings, in order to receive a LL.M.


During my studies, I also engaged in several student associations, attended evening courses and I was a National Researcher for a report published by The European Council and Elsa.


Criminology, 15 p.


To broaden my understandning of law in practice and to gain a greater knowledge in my work at the Swedish Police Authority, I have studied two courses of Criminology as a complement to my other studies.

For more information, my CV is downloadable at the top of this page.

Furthermore, you are more than welcome to visit my LinkedIn which I update regularly.


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