My name is Johanna Sjöholm. I currently study a BA in International Relations at King's College London. Furthermore, I have a BA in Law from University of Gothenburg. I intend to end up working for human rights and I have a special interest in poverty issues and equality issues.

Name: Johanna Sjöholm

Nationality: Sweden

Phone: +46 763 277 836

Email: johanna@johannasjoholm.com


Below, you find a selection my employments and positions of trust. To find out more about what I have been up to, click on the tabs at the top of this website.


The Swedish Police Authorithy, 2015 - current


During my studies, I work as a Call Taker att The Swedish Police Authority. I write reports about the information the Authority receives through its Contact Center and Emergency Center. I write reports about everything from serious acts of violence to milder acquisitive crimes.


Law Student Association in Gothenburg, 2015 - 2016


I was elected President of the Board by the law students at University of Gothenburg after one year as the Head of Events of the Board. As President of the Board, I had the main responsibility over the Board's work towards an improved study environment and a developing contact between the students and the employers in the industry.


Liseberg AB, 2014


This is very much true. I worked as an actress at the Haunted House at Liseberg during one season. During my spare time I enjoy acting and being able to do that for a living was both entertaining and much more instructive than I thought. Read more about this and previous experience at this website.


During my studies, I have been active in the Law Student Association, worked as a Student Ambassador for the University of Gothenburg, arranged and hosted several events and been an actress and the Artistic Director of the Musical Group at the University. Before my studies at the University of Gothenburg, I travelled to Uganda to do a field project where we informed and discussed the issue of

cervical cancer with the local youths. Below, you find a selection from these experiences.

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